Redemption, not Rehabilitation
By Kerry Doucet.
Posted by Joey Kelly

The government will tell you rehabilitation is the answer to sin. The
Bible tells us Redemption is the Answer to sin. Sadly, due to the love of
money, a desire to control, and a lack of faith, many within the church
are choosing to trust the words of the government, rather than the Words
of God. Jesus said He was sent 'to preach' liberty to the captives. The
Bible says that it is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage. This,
my friends, can only mean one thing...any professing Christian who will
turn to the government for its ways and monies to free the addicted and
those in bondage of sin is basically telling you they have no anointing.
If you've got the Anointing, you don't need the government, its systems,
nor its money. Therefore, if you or someone you know is struggling with an
addiction or any form of sin, seek out a church where the gospel of Jesus
Christ is preached, under the Anointing, without fear, favor, or
compromise. There you will find real Godly freedom and it won't take you
twelve steps or even a year to receive it. Above all, it is free...Jesus
already purchased it, not the taxpayers! Any professing preacher who will
point you anywhere else besides Jesus Christ and His shed blood is not a
called man of God; he is a money hungry hireling!