How Can We Have A Revival Of Repentance?
An old quote by Donald Gee
Posted by Joey Kelly

Oh, to see tears of repentance! I believe three things are necessary for a
revival of repentance. First, we need more solid preaching of judgment to
come. Our Lord Jesus wept over cities because they did not repent. He had a
vision of the judgment seat. There is not only a judgment for sinners, but
also a judgment seat of Christ for believers. There is a place where our work
will be tested. The wood and the stubble will be burned, but the gold and
silver will remain. Oh, for more preaching along this line! But our preachers
will never preach it until they tremble before the judgment seat themselves.

Secondly, we are helpless until the Holy Spirit gives repentance. It is the
Spirit of God who moves men to repentance. Unless the Spirit moves, men will
not repent. The Spirit of God is ever ready to move men to repentance. Our
great need then is for the blessed Holy Spirit's moving.

If the ground is to be broken up, we must have more than a light shower; we
must have rain from heaven. Oh, God, send us the rain! God says, "Ask ye of
the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain" (Zech. 10:1). Preaching alone
will not give the desired result. We need the rains of heavenly grace.

And thirdly, there is an anointed ministry that produces repentance. There is
anointed ministry when preachers have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts, and
they have realized in His spotless, shining presence, what sin is. When a man
comes out from that presence, he comes out with something resting upon him
that brings the grace of the Lord upon the people.

Let us pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the preacher and
upon everyone of us, until the ground is softened by the latter rain and
until we get a deep revival. We need a revival that produces repentance, and
after it has produced that, will keep us broken, melted and softened before
the Lord.