Site Help

Q. How come I have to log in to read any of your content? Other magazines and blogs let me read without having to create an account first. This restriction has been removed. Accounts are only required for comments, likes and story submissions.

Q. Why do I have to use a password that's so difficult? Can't you let me use my regular password "JesusLovesMe"?
A. Because it's too simple and too well-known. Crackers (the bad guys) often run what is known as a dictionary attack using common passwords such as yours, and will break into your account in short order, steal your information and post nasty stuff on all your friend's pages. After they've done that, since they now know your password, they'll log into your email, your bank acccount and any other account where you've reused "JesusLovesMe" as a password. Hence, we require you to use a non-trivial password because we want you to remain safe while using our site.

Q. So how hard does my password have to be?
A. Upper Room Report requires you to use at least 8 characters in your password, which much contain uppercase and lowercase letters, a number and a punctuation character such as ^, $ or ). That makes the password harder to remember, but it also stops random tares from breaking into your account.

Q. I forgot my password. How can I get it reset?
A. Upper Room Report does not have an automated password reset feature as of yet. For the moment, if you cannot remember your password, please send an email to and we will walk you through the password reset process. Be prepared to prove your identity to the helpdesk personnel.

Q. What is Upper Room Report's advertising policy?
A. Simple: we don't allow outside advertising on the site. While missionaries, evangelists and other ministries are allowed to tell what they're trying to accomplish for the Lord, no other ads will be accepted, period.

Q. But what about churches? Can't they advertise on your site?
A. Certainly! Churches can sponsor Upper Room Report for $100 per year, while approved missionaries and evangelists will not be charged any fee. We're not really ready for any of that just yet, but when we are, we will promote member churches and offer various perks, examples of which might be giving the pastor, youth pastor and others a place to blog on the site, keep a calendar of events, announce special meetings, etc.. Compared to other types of advertising opportunities, we feel that $100 per year is well spent, since church pages are publicly-accessible, are indexed by all of the normal search engines, target the community and directly engage the members of the individual church. As our vision statement mentions, we exist to serve and grow the local church.... Upper Room Report aims to be an extension of the local church's ministry and outreach.